Aurora ROV Systems Ltd.


The SeaBotix ROV Systems are designed to work in the toughest of conditions.  They are a perfect balance of size, mass and thruster power.  With the  incredibly small diameter umbilical and powerful brushless, oil-compensated DC thrusters the SeaBotix family of vLBV and the LBV ROV systems can freely maneuver underwater in all 4 axis. 


The SeaBotix Containerized Delivery System (CDS) is the world's first rapid-deployment, low cost, fully self-contained observation/light-work ROV system.  The CDS's max depth rating is 4000m, this system has a footprint of 1/3 that of a working class ROV system.


There are many important considerations when detemining which ROV system and options you may require in order to accomplish your mission.  SeaBotix makes this task easier for you with standard features like, Auto-Heading, Auto-Depth, Auto-Trim, 270 degree camera field of view, lateral thrust, programmable  video overlay display, 24 month warranty, 24/7 service support....